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Dental X-rays In Kothrud

Dentistry and X-rays go hand in hand. Most of the diagnosis is done only after getting an X-Ray. In some cases, like while having a RCT done, X-Ray is needed in every step. Most of the dental clinics, they send their patients to a nearby diagnostic centre to get an X-Ray done. It is both time taking and quite a harassment for the patient. Cosmodent Premium Dental Care and Implant Centre is one of the best multispecialty dental clinics in Kothrud to have a instant digital X-Ray machine installed in our clinic. If you want to get an instant digital dental X-Ray in Kothrud, we are here for you.

We care for our patients. So, we designed our clinic in such a way that they won’t have to go out to some other place to get an X-Ray done. X-Rays are a very vital part of our day to day dental practice. Almost every treatment requires a prior X-Ray to get started. An X-Ray can only give the confirmatory diagnosis of the cases. So, what can be better if you can get your X-Ray done in the same clinic where you are being treated.


We are one of the best multispecialty dental clinics in Pune with all the latest technological advancements and the latest equipment to make dentistry easier and more comfortable for our patients.


An instant digital X-Ray helps us make decision regarding the treatment planning and saves a lot of time for our patients. They do not have to run to other places to get an X-Ray done. We have all the amenities in our clinics which are necessary to give you a comfortable experience during your treatment procedure.


if you have any kind of dental problems, do visit us at Cosmodent Premium Dental Care and Implant Centre. We are always there to help you in your need.