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Kids Dental Treatment in Kothrud

One of the most difficult things for a parent is to convince their kid for a dental check-up. But they are the ones who require our attention the most. Therefore, at Cosmodent Premium Dental Care and Implant Centre, we have kept a very comfortable environment and friendly staffs so that any kid visiting our clinic is not scared of the treatment. If you are looking for a kid friendly dental clinic in Kothrud, Cosmodent Premium Dental Care and Implant Centre should be your destination.


What all procedures are available in your clinic for kids?

Kids dentistry includes a vast range of dental treatments. Starting from filling to extraction to pulpectomy to orthodontic treatments, we perform every treatment that can be done for a child. If your kid has any sort of dental problem, without any second thought, bring him/her to us. We assure you the best treatment for your child. Our patients are our responsibilities. We intend to serve them the best.


How long does it take for a kid dental treatment?

The treatment time depends on the undertaken procedure. The time might vary from a few minutes to a multiple appointment over months.


Why do children have more dental problem than adults?

Children are more prone to dental problems because of their food habit and their reluctance to oral health care. Children tend to eat more chocolate, chips and other tin food which act as a very good source for culture of oral bacterias. When these food particles stick to the teeth, the oral bacteria acts on it and causes damage which leads to formation of caries and other dental problems. This can be avoided by brushing twice regularly in a proper manner and cleaning your mouth everytime after eating something. But, kids tend to ignore these. That is the main reason for their dental problems.


So, if you are worried about your child’s dental health but at the same time not sure about where to take him to, visit us at Cosmodent Premium Dental Care and Implant Centre. We will take good care of your child.