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Neuromuscular Dentistry

Neuromuscular dentistry is not quite a thing that is available in every dental clinic. Being one of the best multispecialty dental clinics in Kothrud, we have dental surgeons from all specialities to deliver the best treatment to our patients for any kind of problem.


What are the neuromuscular dental problems?

Neuromuscular dental problems are quite common although we don’t really talk about it. When we go to visit a dentist, we just want our teeth to be fixed. But neuromuscular dental problems are a major health issue which need to be treated. It is a very painful condition in which a person has pain while opening or closing of his/her mouth. Sometimes, if opened widely, it might remain like that for hours. In those conditions you should visit your dental surgeon.


At Cosmodent Premium Dental Care and Implant Centre, we have specialists for neuromuscular dental problems. They are well trained and can treat any such disorder with ease.


What is the treatment for a neuromuscular dental disease?

The treatment of the disease depends on its severity. Sometimes only a fixation is enough whereas sometimes TENS therapy might be needed as well. Certain neuromuscular diseases might even include a minor surgical procedure. But, nothing to worry when you are at the best dental clinic in town. You can be assured of the best treatment at Cosmodent Premium Dental Care and Implant Centre.


What is the cost for a neuromuscular treatment?

A neuromuscular dental problem varies from person to person and so does the treatment modality. The cost depends on the treatment done. Although the cost for neuromuscular treatment is not much. It is more than the regular dental procedures but is way cheaper than any cosmetic dental procedure.


So, if your jaw pains while opening or closing or is making some sound or maybe if you touch somewhere in your face you get a sensation all over, maybe you are having some sort of neuromuscular dental problem. No need to worry about it but at the same time, do not neglect it. As soon as you encounter any such thing, book an appointment with us at Cosmodent Premium Dental Care and Implant Centre and get yourself treated by the best dental surgeons of town.