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Sports Mouthguard

Sports injury is very common and so is losing your teeth. What can be better if you can protect your teeth while playing using a sports mouthguard?


We, at Cosmodent Premium Dental care and Implant Centre offer you the best sports mouthguard in Kothrud, Pune.


What is a sports mouthguard?

A sports mouthguard is a polyurethane cover for your teeth. It does not exactly fir on your teeth but you can wear it over your teeth while playing. It can protect your teeth from any kind of damage.


How is a sports mouthguard made?

Sports mouth guard are available in ready forms and can be custom made as well. The ready mouthguard might not fit you very well but can give you the required protection. We suggest a customised sports mouthguard.


What is the procedure to get a sports mouthguard done?

A sports mouthguard will require two appointments to be completed. On the 1st appointment, your full mouth impression will be taken and send to the lab for fabrication of the mouthguard. On the second appointment, we will deliver your mouthguard.


What is the cost of a sports mouthguard?

A sports mouthguard can cost you 5k to 10 k depending upon the material used and the type of mouthguard you prefer, custom made or readymade.


A sports mouthguard is one necessary item any player should use. If you are into any kind of outdoor sports, we request you to get yourself a mouthguard done. Its always better to be late than sorry. Once you lose your teeth, it will be a permanent damage. Why not try to protect it at the 1st place? You do wear a helmet to protect your head, then why not a sports mouthguard for your teeth?


Hurry up! Do not waste any more time. Visit us at Cosmodent Premium Dental Care and Implant Centre and get yourself a sports mouthguard and be protected form any injury to your teeth while you play.