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wisdom tooth removal in kothrud

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Your wisdom tooth seems to be a painful tooth? Want it to be removed? Visit us at Cosmodent Premium Dental Care And Implant centre to have a painless wisdom tooth removal in Kothrud, Pune.


What is a wisdom tooth?

Wisdom tooth is the last tooth that erupts in our oral cavity at the age of around 18-25 years. They are four in number, one in each arch. The irony behind a wisdom tooth is that its name suggests some wisdom, but what it actually gives is pain! To get rid of this pain you are welcome at our clinic in Kothrud, Pune.


Why is it needed to get your wisdom tooth removed?

Being the last tooth of the arch, sometimes the wisdom tooth doesn’t have enough space for its eruption. The eruption force tends to cause pain in that region. We call it an impacted tooth. Sometimes it also affects the adjacent tooth by pushing them and creating pockets which in turn causes infection and decay of the tooth. In those cases, it is very important to get rid of the wisdom tooth in order to save the adjacent tooth. Certain orthodontic treatments also require wisdom tooth removal.


Why is everyone so afraid when they hear about a wisdom tooth removal?

The wisdom tooth, being the last tooth in the arch, is a little difficult to access for the dentists. So, it takes more time for its extraction. Sometimes if it is impacted, a minor surgery is needed to take it out and when the word “surgery” comes to play, panic is inevitable.


What is the process of a wisdom tooth removal?

Wisdom tooth removal is a minor surgical procedure and is mostly performed under Local Anesthesia. Sometimes the dental surgeon might prefer a general anesthesia as well, depending upon the patient’s condition. The most important thing required for a painless surgical experience is a pure sterilized environment to avoid any post-operative complications.


Cosmodent Premium Dental Care And Implant Centre is one of the best dental clinics in Kothrud,Pune that maintains a proper sterilized environment and international standard equipment to make their patient’s experience better.


What is the cost of a wisdom tooth removal?

The cost of a wisdom tooth removal in kothrud varies from 5k to 25 k depending upon the case.
We are at par with the international standards regarding our treatments. All our dentists are well trained with an experience of over 10 years in clinical dentistry. We care about our patients and make sure they are comfortable and do not have any post-operative complications. So, if your wisdom tooth is causing you trouble, book an appointment with us and get yourself treated by the best dental surgeons in kothrud.